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Letter from the Founders

Dear You:

My name is Sarah Laiwala, and I'm the CEO & Co-Founder of A Cancer Shop. I'm also the proud daughter of a breast cancer survivor. In 2017 and 2018, I experienced my mom undergo cancer treatments and their side effects of fatigue, hair loss, pain, mouth sores, burns, and emotional distress. My family and I spent countless hours googling, reading blogs and discussion forums, talking to oncology care providers, and attending meetups in order to find ways to mitigate the treatments' side effects. This challenge gave birth to A Cancer Shop, and is specifically designed for patients and families like yours and mine.

A Cancer Shop exists with the mission of bringing comfort to those who have a diagnosis of cancer, and experience side effects from the chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery they receive as part of their treatment plans. 

In collaboration with experienced oncologists (over 30 years of experience and 1000+ patients combined), dentists, nurses, patients, and non-profit cancer organizations, my Co-Founder, Dr. Abida Taher, and I have curated hundreds of products to help our cancer fighters power through their treatment plan. We do the heavy lifting of research and curation so that you can focus on staying healthy. Many people shop on Amazon.com today, and because Amazon's shipping speed is world-class, we link most of our products out to amazon.com so you can get the products you need as fast as possible. Proceeds from products go toward maintaining the website and fulfilling our mission (as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases).

Thank you for taking the time to learn about A Cancer Shop. We wish you strength and endurance in your journey. 

Best wishes,

A Cancer Shop CEO Signature

Sarah Laiwala
CEO & Founder


Dr. Abida Taher

Sarah Laiwala, CEO & Co-Founder

Former Executive at Disney & Expedia
M.S. Software Engineering – Carnegie Mellon University




Dr. Abida Taher, CMO & Co-Founder

PhD, Biochemistry – Tulane University
Doctor of Medicine – Tulane University
Fellowship in Oncologic Imaging/PET-CT Diagnostic CT Body Imaging – Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Mini-Fellowship in Neuro PET-CT/Dementia Imaging – UCLA