Elasto-Gel Hand Mitt Hot / Cold Gel Therapy

Elasto-Gel Hand Mitt Hot / Cold Gel Therapy

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At a Glance: Elasto-Gel cold therapy gloves can be used during chemotherapy treatment sessions to help prevent skin and nail changes associated with certain medications.

Details: One of the side effects of chemotherapy called hand-foot syndrome, can occur with several types of chemotherapy or biologic therapy drugs used to treat cancer. This is caused by small amounts of the treatment drug leaking out of tiny blood vessels called capillaries in the palms of the hands. Heat exposure as well as friction on your palms increases the amount of drug in the capillaries and increases the amount of leakage. This can result in redness, sensitivity, and possible skin peeling of the palms. You can also develop numbness or tingling in your fingers.  Hand-foot syndrome can be distressing and can interfere with your ability to carry out daily activities.  One solution is the use of frozen gloves during chemotherapy infusion.

The Elasto-Gel Therapy Products are designed to provide moist heat therapy or soothing cold therapy for relief of minor muscular and joint aches and pains. The hot or cold therapy will last 20 to 40 minutes per application. The product is held in place with hook and loop type closures, which allow the user to move about during therapy. The product is microwavable so it can provide nearly continuous heat therapy. When used cold, the product conforms to contours, even at -20F (-30C), allowing comfortable soothing cold applications.

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