Vaginal Dilator by Vuva
Vaginal Dilator by Vuva

Vaginal Dilator by Vuva

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 At a Glance: Cancer treatment, particularly radiation to the rectum, anus, or vaginal area can result in scar tissue forming within the vaginal canal. Vuva dilators may be used to help prevent scarring and discomfort following treatment. Should be used daily for at least 15 min.

Details: Breast cancer treatment includes chemotherapy and endocrine therapy that can sometimes cause atrophic due to decreased levels of circulating estrogen to urinary and vaginal receptors. Chemotherapy induced ovarian failure and endocrine therapies including aromatase inhibitors and selective estrogen receptor modulators can cause atrophic vaginitis or exacerbate existing symptoms. Symptoms of atrophic vaginitis  can include vaginal dryness, painful sex, itching, burning, vaginal discharge, and soreness.  Radiation therapy can cause the lining of your vagina to become inflamed and irritated. Sexual penetration may be painful during treatment and for a few weeks afterward.  As the lining of your vagina heals, it may become thickened and scarred, causing your vagina to tighten and resist stretching during penetration. Your doctor may recommend using a vaginal dilator to prevent scar tissue from forming after radiation. Vuva dilators are made from plastic, not silicone.  They are hygienically sealed in a heat sealed bag.  Set of five including directions and travel pouch. Made in the USA. Sizes:

Size 1: Width: .5 Inches Length 2.25 Inches Circumference 1.57 Inches

Size 2: Width: .75 Inches Length 3.5 Inches Circumference 2.36 Inches

Size 3: Width: 1 Inches Length 4.5 Inches Circumference 3.14 Inches

Size 4: Width: 1.25 Inches Length 5.5 Inches Circumference 3.93 Inches

Size 5: Width: 1.5 Inches Length 6.25 Inches Circumference 4.71 Inches. This set contains no neodymium magnets.


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